Everybot Edge Robot Mop review: One-button mopping

Everybot Edge Mop

Mopping the floors at home can be quite the chore, so it’s great then you can have robots to do that for you now. The Everybot Edge Robot Mop (known as the Samsung Jetbot Mop in the US) is designed to do just one thing, and it’s to mop the heck out of any room it’s in. It’s great, since you can just leave it there and come back again.

Quick specs

  • 100 minutes operating time
  • 20cm/s speed
  • 1.6kg

Setting up the Edge doesn’t take much work. Just pour water and some detergent into the two discs, attach the cloth mops, and snap them in. The Edge comes with two pairs of mops, one yarn and one microfiber. The yarn is thicker and designed for cracks. I mostly used the microfiber mop, since my concrete floor is smooth. It also worked fine on my laminate, and was smart enough to avoid mopping my carpet rugs.

The Edge comes with eight different modes — auto, intensive, y cleaning (basically emulates you mopping by hand), edge (focused on corners), focus, step (emulates walking), and 50 minutes. The extra modes require the remote to activate. You can also use the remote to manually control the mopping. I mostly used auto though, since it does the job just fine. The round mop heads also worked fine to clean out corners.

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Everybot Edge Mop
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not
Everybot Edge Mop
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not
Everybot Edge Mop
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

With a 2,150mAh battery, the Edge was able to last a full home (HDB) cleaning without needing a recharge. The best way to mop is putting the Edge in a room, turning it on and closing the door. This ensures it cleans the room thoroughly, without worrying that it will run out. I also liked how quiet it is while it’s at work — you’ll barely hear it.

Retailing at S$364 at the cheapest on Shopee, the Everybot Edge Mop is a worthy buy if you’re tired of physically mopping. It’s best paired with using a robot vacuum cleaner first, ensuring your floors are spotless without you needing to do much work. The Edge Mop is also available on Lazada.



Just press and mop.

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